Music Lessons

VOCALS + GUITAR combination / UKULELE + vocals / ukulele beginners course,
And/or feedback on you self-written songs.
For exchange students and expats: the lessons can be given in English, or Dutch.
Face-to-face or online lessons, private or duo.

SING and accompany yourself on GUITAR 

Two birds with one stone! For starting singer-songwriters, school teachers, if you already know some chords but want to learn to play and sing better, if you can't play chords at all, if you are a vocalist and you want to be able to accompany yourself on acoustic guitar (or ukulele: scroll further down), if you want to take lessons together to take your duo to a higher level (e.g. singing harmony vocals), etc.

Content of the lessons
Combination of vocals and guitar - accompanying music making, choice of repertoire, performance if you have that ambition. We start as much as possible from songs that you like. Or your self-written songs! I can help you with feedback and tips, based on my own experience as a singer-songwriter.
Vocals - warm-up exercises, healthy breathing, voice types and technique, ear training, timing and text interpretation, etc.
Guitar - playing chords and how they are put together (theory), reading and making a form diagram, strumming (rhythmic striking), fingerpicking basics, etc.

You will find practical information at the bottom of this page! Please read it first before contacting me. Do you have more questions? Feel free to send me an email! 

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Winterdepression?... UKULELE LeSsonS!

The ukulele is popular for a reason; it is the most accessible and happiest stringed instrument there is! And besides, it fits in your bag so you can take it with you everywhere :-)

In five lessons you'll be the center of the attention on every birthday with 'Happy Birthday' and other simple songs that we choose together. Fun for yourself, fun for your next-door neighbors (I hope so ;-)) or to play music in the classroom if you are a teacher! And you can sing along, but you don't necessarily have to... 
That winterdepression won't go away, but playing ukulele will most likely help! ;-)

The text continues below the videos 

This is Sven Ooison, he loves drawing and ukulele music :-)

And this is me, on my 8 string tenor

Uke basics, or more! 

This ukulele course (private lesson or as a duo/trio) teaches you the basic technique of the left and right hand. You will learn the most important chords, basic strums (rhythmic strokes) and simple fingerpicking (plucks). After this, you can easier find your way between the many YouTube tutorials; you've got the basics!

But you can also book more lessons of course, you won't be the first to stay! In the next step in your musical development, we go deeper into the theory of music. And we learn new styles and techniques. Your playing level is always our starting point.

Below you find the practical information! Please read it first before contacting me. Was your question not listed? Just ask me!

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Frequently asked practical questions, and the answers :

- A strip card for guitar/vocals costs 160,- Euro: 5 lessons of 1 hour, or 6 lessons of 40 minutes.
- A busticket for the ukulele course costs 130,- Euro: 5 lessons of 1 hour, or 6 lessons of 40 minutes.
- A trial lesson of about 30 minutes costs 10,- Euro (p.p.)
- Duo lessons are possible if you are both at about the same level. Double the fun for 20% p.p. discount!

Face-to-face classes take place in Tilburg, near the city center. If we have an appointment for a (trial) lesson, you will receive the address.
I teach on Monday and Tuesday, during the day or early evening. And sometimes also on Friday, in the morning or around noon. 

The teaching method is suitable for anyone between the age of 16 and 100. in other words unfortunately I don't teach children (that's a completely different kind of sport), unless the child comes with a parent; having fun with the two of you at class :-)

No, you do not have to choose that in advance. Over the past (corona) year I have of course given a lot of online lessons (or outside ;-)), but I'm flexible: if you can't leave home but you still want class, we can go online. If you live far away, you can always take online classes, or maybe drop by if you're in the area.
I usually teach via Skype, and if you're not a member I can send you an invite, but another platform is also possible. 

Don't have your own guitar yet because you don't know what kind you want? Then you can try out a nylon-string (classical/Spanish) and a steel-string (western) during your (not online) trial lesson. After that, you provide an instrument yourself. The sound that suits you depends on your personal taste and repertoire preference, as well as on your posture when it comes to the model. Feel free to ask me for advice if you want to buy one.

You can try out some different models here anyway if you like. If you don't have your own ukulele yet, you can rent one from me during your first 5-lessons-course, after that you provide an instrument yourself.

There's just too much choice, aaaahh!... It would be best to choose with your eyes closed which one you think sounds best. But the eye also wants something. Buy one that will last for while, made of nice material and neatly finished. No toy that cannot be tuned and that doesn't play well. Try a few in a music store to find out what you like, and let the seller advise you (btw. a good music store ensures that instruments do not go out 'straight from the factory' but well adjusted).

You can choose a soprano (the well-known little one), a concert model (size bigger), or a tenor (another size bigger, just like the concert model, great for grown-up hands). These three have the same standard tuning G C E A. The soprano and concert sound the most 'Hawaii' and to start with I would recommend one of those two. If you have large hands but still want to play the ukulele: you have ukes with a slightly wider neck than the usual +- 34 mm at the 'nut' (at the beginning of the neck, under the 'headstock' where the tuning knobs are mounted). And don't buy a soprano, but a concert or tenor model.

Of course you also buy (or sew/knit/crochet) a sturdy carrying bag and a handy headstock tuner. Or download a tuner app. You don't need a plectrum yet: you first learn to play with your fingers. If you also want to play standing up, you can clamp it between your arm, but a strap is more convenient: I show you how to tie it yourself from a long shoelace, or a nice cord or ribbon, without having to use a strap button (so need to screw a button into your uke). And without damage to the sound hole, which is sometimes the case with ukulele straps (but there is a simple solution for this: stick a piece of (fake) leather or fabric in the hook!) 

In addition to 'general musical education' (recorder ;-)) in primary school, and then clarinet for 1.5 years, as a teenager I taught myself a little bit of guitar playing (there was no YouTube yet, and I didn't come from a so-called 'musical family'). I started playing bass guitar in a rock band when I was 16, and it wasn't until a few years later, after the band quit, that I developed my guitar playing. Again by listening carefully and looking at others and by writing songs.
I studied as an art teacher, for which I obtained a teaching certificate. My hobby music remained a great love. And I slowly started to realize that my musical development would have gone much faster if I had had a good teacher!

In 1999 - when I had been performing as a singer-songwriter for a few years - I started a second bachelor study, the then brand new Rock Academy in Tilburg (singing/performer specialization). Towards the end of that I started giving singing lessons at local music schools. I gave vocal group workshops at the Tilburg Music School Factorium, and vocal workshops on location for companies and other groups. And also gave audition training vocals/performing to potential Rock Academy students.

Between 2011 and 2015 I temporarily stopped teaching to focus on other activities and the group workshops. With my current teaching offer, I have given the classes a new character that is more in line with what I myself am involved in musically as a singer-songwriter. In addition, I continue to educate myself from time to time.

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More information or a trial lesson?

Or do you have other questions that have not been answered above?
Feel free to ask!

Liseth :-)

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