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Singer-songwriter Liseth Horsten has a voice of the distinctive and recognizable kind; an authentic and soulful voice with much depth and character and a delightful timing. Her songs are strong and personal, and have a style of their own in which the influence of different music is audible. 

Liseth began writing acoustic guitar songs in the nineties, after the rockband in which she had started as a bassplayer had broken up. This brought her to stages at home and abroad. Much later, during and after her music education ('99 - '04, her second Bachelor) she build her professional practice as a musician and teacher. She starred in several commercial projects and her own songs were low on the priority list for long. But the desire to pay attention to her own music again was undeniable.

Liseth's original repertoire was given a new lease of life when she recorded the EP Kites and Traffic Lights in California with guitarist/singer Michael Roe and bassist Mark Harmon (2015). A charming album with sun drenched and melancholic guitar songs.

In December 2021 she released the EP Miss with her band Liseth & The Satellites: 
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“A beautiful and intricate blend of Americana, indie folk, and alternative country. Built around the powerful and compelling voice of Liseth”… “songs of love, melancholy, and loss, mixed in with compositions of hope and tender joy.”
(Aldora Britain Records, Indie promotor UK, about Miss EP)

"In a way you can't ignore, Liseth draws you into her world of reflections and melancholy."
(A.W., live performance review)

"The versatility of her voice evokes associations with other and not the least artists".... "Quality doesn't have to come from far away. This professional and perfectly attuned trio proves this, with a singer who can easily compete with well-known international singer-songwriters."
(W.L., review live performance)

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Liseth & The Satellites

Back in the Netherlands, Liseth formed a trio with guitarist/singer Eric van Dijsseldonk (JW Roy, Ricky Koole, Malford Milligan) and bassist Lucas Beukers (Gé Reinders, Eric Devries, NinaLynn). Three experienced musicians with a shared love for well written songs and the organic guitar sounds of the sixties and seventies.

In between everyone's music projects, music teaching and touring (and some limitations during the Cor-netto years) the band recorded a new EP together with drummer and producer Gabriel Peeters, which resulted in a lovely full-band sound. Two music video’s were released.

'Miss' officially saw the light of life on the shortest day of the year: December 21st 2021, Midwinter. As a symbol of hope because the days will grow longer and - hopefully - things will get better again.

Typical Americana style mix

Liseth & The Satellites
play a collection of strong an passionate songs, from quiet layered tunes to semi-acoustic rock, in their own typical mix of rootsy styles. In between the original repertoire, their own versions of songs by other (Americana) artists are performed. Expect acoustic and electric guitars, a double bass, and beautiful harmony vocals.

"such beautiful music, such honest songs..."
(Hijlco Span, radio presenter and producer, about Kites and Traffic Lights EP)

"A beautiful voice, warm, sometimes dreamy but always flawlessly in tune. Her stage performance is natural and relaxed. A woman that sings from her heart so that the music really touches the audience. Gorgeously accompanied by Lucas Beukers on bass and Eric van Dijsseldonk on guitar. The question that rises during the concert is: why is this woman with this quality not much more known?" (W.R., venue programmer) 

Live video's

Live @ Uncle Gabe's

Neil Young tribute band Second Harvest live @ Paradox Tilburg 2019

"Her voice is powerful and fragile, sensual and compulsary at the same time" (New Folk Sounds)

"strong timing and a good voice".. "convincing" (Bottomline)

"her voice is flexible as a rubberband, clear as water" (Popcall)

"beautiful, warm voice that definitely shows talent" (Fret)

"I seldom saw a singer being so herself on stage" (Fer Abrahams, popjournalist) 

The back flap...

The extended version. For those who love to read.

ONCE UPON A TIME, when Liseth was still in pigtails, they tried to teach her some musicality by making her play the recorder, followed by (voluntary this time) clarinet. She didn't really connect with the instrument after all, so a year later she called it a day... But a few years later her teenage eyes lightened up when an old nylon-stringed guitar entered the house and into her older sister's room, and once she got her hands on it she tuned the strings down to play 'bassguitar'...

After the breakup of the rockband in which Liseth had learned to play a real bassguitar (halfway the 90's), and after discovering she also liked to sing, she started writing intimate and expressive songs on acoustic guitar. These brought her to various venues in The Netherlands and abroad: cafés and clubs, Flevofestival (NL), Greenbelt Festival (UK). In 1998 she did a short tour through Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands, together with Mr Bennet (CAN) & Jeff Tarayla (USA), and released her first EP.

From 1999 until 2004 Liseth attended the brand new Fontys Rockacademy in Tilburg (NL), a Bachelor music course that helped to bring about a big change in both her musical and personal life. She played her songs solo and with her band The Disposable Souls with which she recorded a demo in 2002, played in a few schoolbands, and in jazz/singer-songwriter project The Gift that released a stunningly beautiful CD in 2003.

From 2004 she started working as a vocal teacher, played guitar and sang in an acoustic commercial cover project, and even dressed up as a discodiva to sing her rent and groceries together. Too busy building and surviving and trying out new things, her own original music faded into the background only to come to the surface on special occasions. Meanwhile she did some cool projects though: backing vocals in other bands, writing songs for a theatre play (in Dutch), putting someone's poems on music, or singing oriental improvisational melodies during a modern dance theatre production.

And because blood is thicker, new songs pop out from time to time, and shows with her own repertoire suddenly appear in the agenda. Her 2015 EP Kites and Traffic Lights was a good step towards new songs, new recordings, new directions, new frontiers... to boldly go where she has never gone before >>>

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