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Liseth & The Satellites

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Miss EP

"Top Americana from our own soil"..."a real hidden gem"
(R, radio DJ)

"Very nice Americana, I hear people playing, this is good!"
(W, employee Dutch copyright organisation Buma Stemra)

"Fantastic record, it’s a gem from start to finish."
(T, Aldora Britain Records, Indie promotor UK)

 Music video's

Official music video 'Girl' - Liseth & The Satellites

Liseth Horsten: acoustic guitar, vocals | Lucas Beukers: bass | Eric van Dijsseldonk: electric guitar | SPECIAL GUEST: Gabriel Peeters: drums, organ, mix en production | MASTERING: Darius van Helfteren | VIDEO: Frans van der Meer | VIDEO EDIT: Liseth Horsten | PUNK GIRL: Vera Beukers | 
LOCATION: Spoorzone, Tilburg | Girl lyrics & music: Liseth Horsten

Official music video 'Miss Those Days' -Liseth & The Satellites

Liseth Horsten: acoustic guitar, vocals, mandolin | Lucas Beukers: bass | Eric van Dijsseldonk: ac and el guitar, vocals | SPECIAL GUEST: Gabriel Peeters: drums, percussion + mix en production | MASTERING: Darius van Helfteren | VIDEO: Melissa van Venrooij | Miss those days lyrics Liseth, music: Liseth & Eric

singer - guitarist - songwriter - music teacher - funeral singer

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Singer-songwriter songs

strong and passionate songs with a hint of rock, folk and country and a voice with much depth and character and a delightful timing.

 "A beautiful voice, warm, sometimes dreamy and always in tune. Her stage performance is natural and relaxed. A woman that sings from her heart so that the music really touches the audience."

music lessons tilburg teacher learn guitar vocals ukulele beginners course
Musiclessons - vocals, guitar, ukulele, songwriting

My specialty is the combination of vocals and guitar, or vocals and ukulele. Because that's what I do myself as a musician. I can also give you feedback on your self-written songs, or help you prepare for a performance.
But if singing is not your thing and you just like to learn to play your favorite songs on uke, that's okay too ;-)

Lessons in Dutch or English. Face-to-face in Tilburg, or online anywhere!

funeral singer musician photo diana kors
Where words fall short, music can express what you mean to say

Live music offers an added value to a funeral ceremony. With a warm, clear and authentic voice - accompanied by an acoustic guitar and sometimes a melancholic ukulele - the songs will touch you in a personal way.

I work in The Netherlands and Flanders, so the website is in Dutch:

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Singer-songwriter, singer-guitarist and music teacher, Tilburg The Netherlands
Photography: Izaak P Slagt (Liseth portraits), Anja van Eersel (bandfoto in landscape)
Other photo's: Izaak P Slagt, Liseth Horsten, Jan Horsten, Sooi van der Laan, Diana Kors (sheep), Unknown.
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